Nephridiopore platyhelminthes

nephridiopore platyhelminthes

A meghatározás szó "Nephridium": 1.

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The evolution of nephridia encouraged tissue specialization by eliminating the need for all cells of an organism to be in contact with seawater for diffusion of metabolic wastes. Nephridia occur in two forms.

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The simpler, more primitive protonephridia, found in nephridiopore platyhelminthes, ribbon worms and rotifers, are usually scattered among the other body cells. More advanced, segmented invertebrates, such as earthworms, possess the more complex metanephridia, nephridiopore platyhelminthes nephridiopore platyhelminthes in pairs.

The protonephridium consists of a hollow cell located in the body cavity and a duct leading from it to an exterior opening, called a nephridiopore. Fluid in the body cavity filters into the hollow cell, called a flame bulb or flame cell if it possesses cilia or a solenocyte if it has a flagellum.

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In either form, the cilia or the flagellum wave filtered urine down the tube to the outside. The metanephridium tubule lacks a flame cell and opens directly into the body cavity.

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Cilia lining the tubule draw up cavity fluids and conduct them to the exterior; tubule cells actively reabsorb useful nutrients as they pass. Analogous structures, the renette and the lateral canal are characteristic of nematodes. Kérjük, értékelje a meghatározását "Nephridium" Azt találtuk, hogy a következő kínai szavak és a fordítások, az "Nephridium": Sajnáljuk, a szó fordítását "Nephridium" nem található az adatbázisban.

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