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The format for others, such as the date or time formats, is structured and requires more interpretation. Most charts have "double links" somewhere in each row. These are links that put the address of that row into the address bar of the browser for copying.

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Note that not all CLDR data is included in the charts. Summary Provides a summary view of the main locale data.

Language locales those with no territory or variant are presented with fully resolved data; the inherited or aliased data can be hidden if desired. Other locales do not show inherited or aliased data, just the differences from the respective language locale.

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The Sublocales column shows variations across locales. Hovering over each Sublocale value shows a pop-up with the locales that have that value.

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By-Type Provides a side-by-side comparison of data from different locales for each field. For example, one korbféreg tojás rajz see all the locales that are left-to-right, or all the different translations of the Arabic script across languages.

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For more on transliterations, see  Transliteration Guidelines. Most proposed data new or corrections is entered via this tool.

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Keyboards Provide a view of keyboard data: layouts for different locales, mappings from characters to keyboards, and from keyboards omul diphyllobothriasis characters. Includes: Locale Coverage.

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