Giardia disinfection bleach

Sanitize water quickly during emergencies, disasters, traveling and outdoor recreation!

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South Charleston, W. July 25, - With the many devastating tornados that have plagued parts of our country, and with hurricane and tornado season upon us, unclean drinking water often becomes a major concern for those affected.

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Victims of these disasters are not prepared for the lack of safe drinking water and often have to wait for several hours or even days before receiving drinkable water. Aquatabs®, used worldwide for disaster relief and to rehabilitate water systems, is a fast acting tablet that provides sanitary ready to drink water in30 minutes after mixing.

giardia disinfection bleach

Aquatabs are a must for any emergency kit, along with international traveling and outdoor activities. Aquatabs have been used for more than 20 years and are the world's largest selling effervescent water purification tablet.

Giardia disinfection bleach worldwide by aid agencies, nongovernmental organizations, defense forces and households that do not have access to sanitized drinking water, Aquatabs treat more giardia disinfection bleach three billion gallons of water annually.

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These tablets effectively kill micro-organisms in water to prevent diarrheal disease and health-issues caused by Giardia cysts, bacteria and viruses that contaminate water. With water being compromised during these events, the tablets can ensure clean drinking water while waiting for relief.

The tablets are also effective for recreational uses such as international traveling,camping, hiking, backpacking and boating where water may be harmful. The tablets are foil packed making them convenient to use, lightweight and easy to include in an emergency kit of any size or to ellenanyagok ellen in a pocket, purse, backpack, wallet, car or motorcycle.

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Clearon Aquatabs are currently available at select  local sports and outdoor retailers. For where to purchase, visit www.

The tablets offer gold standard in quality and safety, the most used disinfectant brand in emergency situations For more information on Clearon Aquatabs and  How-To-Videos for use,visit www.

Also www.

giardia disinfection bleach

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